DJ KC first came to the public eye in 2000 and his passion for music has been displayed in the exciting clubbing scene in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Malaysia ever since! His diversity of Hip Hop, House and R&B (from 70s' to the latest music) has drawn crowds at many top venues such as Beijing Club, Hei Hei Club, No.9, HaHa Club, Billion, etc. From cookin' up dirty blends to mashin' up R&B + Hip Hop + House Music and everything in between, DJ KC brings you the cutting edge of the hottest beats out the club.

    DJ KC has expanded his talent into video mixing! He enhances his upbeat remixes with his skillfully edited video clips, giving his audience a mind blowing experience. In 2011, DJ KC officially became a DJ for AV8 Records, Drama Mix and YourRemix.com! To have a taste of his music and visual clips, get online and start sharing!
    DJ KC has even brought his music and skills into different occasions, such as Commercial Product Launch Parties (e.g. Shure), Press Conferences (e.g. Kiehl's), Wedding Banquets and many moreā€¦

    In the new year, DJ KC guarantees to produce more music remixes along some mesmerizing music videos clip for his fans!